Create dynamic motion effects by moving your truss shape, lights or scenic elements in sync with your show. Be creative and play around with our standard geometric shapes: square, circle and rectangle and change the position, speed and angle of your rig in 3D with ease on our WIMOTION software platform. You can use our standard programmed moves, play with the parameters or get creative and program your own moves. And to top it off you can completely preprogram and visualize your show via our unique free software to save precious time and do stunning presentations for your client. And if you dig a little deeper you can sync your complete show with lights, sound and others. This set can easily be upscaled on demand to get even more creative.


  • 4 HOISTS 500kg 

  • WI Laptop  

  • WI City (Small) 

  • Truss Square  - Rectangle  - Circle (diameter 7.5m) 

  • Rigging equipment for truss 

Technical details and 3D downloads available for experts and designers

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