It's showtime  

Just dream big

If you can dream it we can move it. And we sure have all the experience to do so. After years of using the available products in the market and never being fully satisfied, we decided to start developing our own control solution for show motion. Birth was given to a very complete automation system ranging from software to operating desk. Today WIMOTION is 100% industry standard thus integrating with the entire range of mechanical and automation show elements such as lighting, sound, video and FX. Every project idea from modest to completely crazy is a challenge and finds its way to our hearts and our prime tech.

Motion effects

Automated rigging




For rent are STRUCTURES and WIMOTION SYSTEM COMBINATIONS of an operating pack, a city pack and the motion objects or devices configured to generate the effects you have in mind. Wagons, tracks, hoists and more can also be part of a full motion system. SOLUTIONS for LOCAL HEROES are available too. With rental goes dedicated 1-to-1 WI support as to installation, programming and operating skills. Lighting, media, sound and FX operators working on extended WIMOTION rental configurations and wishing to add motion to their skillset might be interested in a training course and certification at the WIACADEMY.


Over the years WI has developed a global reputation for excellence in the execution of motion projects. Try us out for an overall approach from scratch to spotlights. In close interaction with clients WI delivers the highest end automated concepts up to final execution for all types of entertainment shows big and small for a variety of creative markets, needs and audiences. From animating a project idea to detect flaws, maximize strengths and dig up hidden opportunities over design, engineering and construction up to ‘le moment suprême’ : the magic happening on stage. The most rewarding feeling ever for us and for you.

Dream solutions for local heroes


Check on motion for your show

Lesly is your guy. Try him out.

Check on stage motion for you

Jasper is your guy. Try him out.

Check on stage motion for you

Xander is your guy. Try him out.

Motion no longer a rocket science

The WIMOTION platform has been specifically developed to allow every skilled entertainment professional to design his or her own unique stage motion in a user friendly and safe way. Some great and very affordable motion effects are available for smaller tours or local festivals, more modest productions, activations or shows for selected audiences. Local players but also international brands deploying their projects more on multiple agile stages or flexible locations for a more intimate experience.

Plug and play packs

Ideal budget friendly show motion installations backed up by our tech experts who will crosscheck with reality and make sure the proposed solution is safety proof and exploits your full creative scope.

Fixed packs

Standardized motion solutions comprising engineering, build and programming with optional onsite training of your operator.

Off-the-shelf motion installations comprising a touring ready set all prepped for quick and safe execution.

Standard motion ready packs for product launches