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WI is the place for skilled people who are passionate to create the best motion, stage or scenic solutions for the live entertainment sector local and global. We make the world a happier place by delivering jaw dropping entertainment for its human inhabitants.


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WICreations - open positions

For people with a laser focus on making the show go on

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    Ga voor de job van je leven want je zal binnenkort operaten achter de coulissen van de musicals van STUDIO 100 in de wereldberoemde pop up studio’s van Puurs! Jij zal het zijn die met onze WIMOTION software vanaf je desk décorstukken, installaties en machtige structuren zoals de rijdende tribunes zal doen bewegen. Jij wordt de wizard die alle onze showeffecten tot leven brengt. De studio’s in Puurs worden je vaste hub. Je place to be, to love and to grow.

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    We zijn met ons WI-team elektriciteit-elektronica dringend op zoek naar een toffe gemotiveerde collega die een elektrisch plan kan lezen en uitvoeren. Een alerte geest die altijd wil meedenken en meewerken aan verbeteringen die realistisch haalbaar zijn. Voor de allerbeste oplossing gaan is ons doel. Want wij zijn het die samen met de andere WI teams bijdragen tot het succesvol opleveren van alle motion effecten voor onze live musicals, shows en festivals. Je werkt voltijds en het WI01 warehouse in Heist-op-den-Berg wordt je vaste hub.

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    Don’t forget to check up on the WIACADEMY. You might be interested to join the WICOMMUNITY and sign up as an early bird for a variety of WIPROJECTS.


    I'm a student

    And I’m very ready for a tech internship

    Great when you fit into the profiles we love such as engineering CAD/CAM, IT, mechanical, 3D drawing, digital marketing or graphics advanced. Our culture of work hard & play hard is what you’re looking for? Students from all over the world: welcome.

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    There’s no such thing as 2 identical stages


    Everybody matters and belongs


    To yourself, the company and our clients but also to the environment. Treat every project as if it were your own.

    The show must go on

    The world of entertainment has the hardest deadlines


    Be honest and dedicated to the tribe


    Tech knowledge for a universal
    world of fun

    We bring our mechanical, mathematical and electronics backgrounds to a sector where no day is ever the same. Diversity in challenges is what makes us go go go and creativity rules. Working at WI is a great opportunity to be part of a pioneer friend zone that literally makes all imaginable and unimaginable things move. Uber cool to meet other passionate show, stage & scenic people on the job and form a close temporary team.

    WI is your place to be if your childhood dream was to become an artist, but your singing skills aren’t all that much. Here’s your chance now to become part of the magic happening on stage. The high you get when the show is done, is the most rewarding feeling ever. Genuine Fun fact: 68% of WI’ staff used to play with LEGO and 29% occasionally still does.



    • Call us techies
    • Call us creators
    • Call us gamechangers


    We believe it’s important to learn and grow. That’s why we created a talent development hub which helps you reach your next step.


    Learn from the best.

    Our brand new visionary stage motion hub with co-working and flex offices, studio, demo corners, warehouse and training center. A creative powerhouse where the latest evolutions, relevant tech insights and prime hands-on skillsets will fuse and become one of our new cornerstones.

    A welcoming place for event professionals to meet, learn & grow.

    Sign in for the WICOMMUNITY and check on:

    Info sessions

    Learn about WI latest technology and solutions. Enjoy some showcasing. Learn about job opportunities in automation, scenic and staging and what it takes to get there. Very welcome are live event professionals & freelancers, techies from the entertainment or other sectors, last year students (tech, production and design). And in fact all career switchers who have only 1 dream: become part of the unique pioneer zone where the show must go on.


    A hands-on programme to upgrade your insights and skills in WIMOTION stage automation. Open for WIpeople, freelancers and last-year tech or engineering students.

    Certificates & awards

    Being WIMOTION certified is a recognized quality label. Graduates receive their own WIDESK operating keys. Levels of certification will automatically grant a higher user access level.

    • Floor Technician
    • Operator
    • Rigger
    • Programmer
    • Designer


    Training & meeting platform for event professionals
    to be, to learn & to grow.

    • Get access to the ACADEMY
    • Meet with peers
    • Get your profile matched to the right projects & vice versa
    • Download software for free
    • Animate your project
    • Go for fun time in a fun business