WI motion

Stage Motion Ecosystem

1 solution 360° for all automated motion elements of a show ranging from very simple vertical moves to highly complex configurations allowing control up to hundreds of scenic & staging devices. WIMOTION ecosystem integrates field experience from 250+ projects resulting in a transparent, user friendly and fun to work with system for a variety of expertise user profiles in the live event business.

User Benefits


Start building your own show right now

  • Download the software for free
  • Explore using the demo shows
  • Browse through our Object Library
  • Mix & match
  • Empower with motion
  • It's showtime!

certification Certification

Update your stage automation skillset in the WIACADEMY, a creative powerhouse where info sessions, demo roadtrips and courses online/on location or in a mix formula will become one of our new cornerstones. A welcoming place for event professionals to meet, learn & grow. 

Various expertise profiles such as riggers, operators, programmers and system engineers will get the opportunity to become WIMOTION certified. Graduates receive their own WIDESK operating keys. Levels of certification automatically grant higher user access levels. 

A WIMOTION certification is a quality label that acts as a guarantee for high-level update competence in a specific stage motion expertise without ever losing the holistic view.