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WIMOTION complies to the most stringent international motion standards and is fully compliant with EN17206 superseding all national standards and CEN workshop agreements. Depending on the intended use of a motion set we help define the use case of your set, deliver a risk assessment and provide you with the consultancy needed to make your project succeed the safest possible way.

User profiles

Profiled user log-ons enable multiple users to access the system simultaneously and at different levels using a USB dongle. Different security and responsibility levels (trained and secured levels) are possible through customized setup of a roles model in the motion operator's team and limited programming access to other FOH staff.

Zone settings

Zone settings allow dedicated (selectable) playbacks, devices, groups and objects to run or play via different logins. Think about this in the context of touring builds and breaks.


Additional hardware safety to prevent unauthorized use.


  • Integrated Automated Parameter Control (APC) enables easy and safe configuration of devices and real time data logging of all key motion and maintenance related parameters.

  • Automatic assignment of all relevant safety settings, control protocols and parameters


  • Elimination of error margins. Motion operators can be 100% sure to use the right parameters for every configurated system device

  • Preventive maintenance. Permanent logging allows preventive action and earlier servicing in case of intense usage or long term planned use