Turning things around always looks great. On stage, on a trade show or wherever you can come up with, rotating objects or people with this classic will always look amazing. This WIMOTION READY PACK contains a very flexible turntable and can be setup in different diameters depending on your available space. This unique set travels very compact and is ideal for small to medium setups. Setup time is 60 minutes with a crew of 4.

Content pack 

  • WI laptop 

  • WI City (small) 

  • Turntable for products or performers (diameter 7m) 

Technical data

  • Diameter platform: 7m 

  • Max load: up to 750kg distributed load 

  • Height platform 28cm

  • Speed: rotation 


  • A flat and stable underground 

Technical details and 3D downloads available for experts and designers

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