The WI Stage Wagons are all custom made wagons with a height of 191mm in which we integrated a drive unit.

The special design of the drive unit allows the drive wheel to rotate without damage to any floor, including canvas or

dance floors.

We provide 3 types of units depending on the load:

- the WIWAG-10.001.010, this drive unit has a capacity of 1000kg at 1m/s

- the WIWAG-10.001.007, with a capacity of 2000kg and a speed of 0,75m/s

- the WIWAG-10.001.003, with a capacity of 3000kg and a speed of 0,375m/s


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Technical information

- Max. vertical load: depending

- Max. Speed: depending

- Wagon height: 191 mm

- Power: 1500 W

- Motor type: Synchronous servo

- Drive wheel diameter: 154 mm

- Shore hardness: 92

- Connections: 1x power, 1x signal

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