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Bad Bunny- El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo - 2022

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Starting big with motion support for international superstar Bad Bunny’s El Ultimo Tour. The famous Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton performer who was declared artist of the year by Spotify with 8 billion streams (2020). Hero of the musica urbana and true visionary gamechanger. Anti-machismo and activist. How cool is this. What an honour to collab for such an über creative mega stage, famous for its unique set designs, immersive motion and high-end animations.

WIMOTION’s first Hispanic US installation

After a rehearsal period in Las Vegas January 2022 the entire set moved to Broomsfield for another week of rehearsals in a smaller arena setting before finally moving to Denver’s Ball Arena for a full house kick-off of the US tour. WI’s Raf Peeters and Lesly Van Rompaey travelled along to guide the installation onsite and hand-over the WIMOTION system to a Mexican motion operator’s team, trained during rehearsals. A perfect example of collaborative motion control.


The Bad Bunny stage is in fact one gigantic truck being surrounded by 4 + 4  lateral scenic lighting and video pods on each side of the truck, the frames of which have been designed and produced by WICREATIONS. The massive pods each weighing 1200kg are moved by 1 rotator and 2 hoists. They glide up/down at an impressive speed of 200mm/s with a motion range of 7 meters and rotate the full 360°. 


The massive pods rotate the full 360° and glide up/down at an impressive speed of 200mm/s with a motion range of 7 meters and rotate the full 360°.


Preparations for motion started way in advance during the concept design phase. The show designer received a show preview of the objects at their real time speed allowing a perfect match between design and artistic expectations. Once this approval process concluded the WIMOTION visualizer was used to program all motion objects resulting in the full showfile.

An exciting simultaneous operation worthwhile highlighting: the motion operator used the automated rigging option of the WIMOTION software on the console to guide a safe load-in and meanwhile the programmer was strumming the show cues on his laptop both working with the same .wi show-file. When the full rehearsals started onsite, it was then transferred onto the console.

There has also been a close collaboration with the show designer to integrate the pods within the automated spiral, wave & rotating lighting moves programmed in consecutive dynamics.

An immersive stage with beams of zooming, spiraling and rotating light around the boy who came from humble beginnings in Puerto Rico now selling out arenas. Some pyrotechnics shot through the crevices of his lifted semi-truck catwalk made the energy complete.

Load-in load-out times have been successfully rehearsed and trained to swift perfection.


  • Raf Peeters Project lead
  • Wessel Fortuin Technical engineer
  • Lesly Van Rompaey Motion operator


  • Roly Garbalosa Production manager
  • Alain Corthout Lighting and Scenic design
  • PVG Video
  • LDGS Lighting
  • ProColor Automation Crew
  • Fuse Projectors / Media Server
  • PixMob Audience LED wristbands
Bad Bunny