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Concerts & Touring


3 weeks before the projected equipment pick-up date WI were contacted by Dubai based SLS Production with the question whether we could deliver a hydraulic stage lift of 9m long x 1,2m wide and the additional info that the lift needed to go up to 4,5m high. All of this stage equipment for the outrageously popular K-pop band Ateez for their Saudi Arabian gig in the Jeddah Superdome July 20th 2023. 

Telescopic Lift Units


A great job for which WI supplied 2 of our TP06 telescopic lift units, intermediate trussing and a WIMOTION control system to create the lift platform. In the end, the lift platform became 13m long and 2m deep. The top deck was supplied by the client. Our TP06 units have a lifting capacity of 2,5t each and a maximum stroke of 6m. 

Amaze new clients with our technology always feels great.

The Jeddah Effect

The lift was used to bring the 8 band members from main stage level to a higher stage level. On the downstage side of the lift platform, a 1m high led video screen was hung full length for which the video tiles were supplied by the client. 

The cool, long stretched stage with the dynamic video content projected on the screen together with the rising platform for the artists to perform on resulted in a very powerful show effect. Just perfect to support and highlight this perfectly supporting this amazing K-pop show and choreography. 

It’s a really impressive sight to see such a large stage area move – Koen Peeters.


WI have a proven track record on hydraulic stage lifting units for all types of projects all over the world so the pure technical challenges were limited. The challenges were more on the timing and logistical front, with each lift unit being a 3500kg heavy lump of steel to be air freighted in a short time span.


  • Koen Peeters – Project Lead 
  • Jasper Rosiers – Project Manager
  • Lesly Van Rompaey - Automation design 
  • Crew on site : Adrian Typkiewicz (operator) & Piotr Wityk (tech)