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The set elements we supplied to the 2019 Radio Deejay Live Event in Milano, Italy took clean, sharp, sophisticated design to a new level. The brief from director Jimmy Pallas was for a strong, urban look and that’s what we provided. The industrial style roof with 12m long cantilevered beams and transparent skins offered a clear visual effect as well as protection from the vagaries of the Italian summer. On the upstage edge of the stage was an imposing 42m wide LED screen. WIcreations built a truss and beam rigging system to support and retain the screen. As with any outdoor event, safety of the structure was paramount to accommodate any unforeseen extremes from the elements. Finally, a DJ event of any sort is not complete without a significant audio presence. Each one of our elegant 15m high PA towers, rigged left and right of the stage, were also outfitted with eight moving light fixtures. Altogether the combination of the roof, the screen and the towers provided the audience and the artists with the perfect setting to enjoy DJing at its best. #WIcreations #PartylikeaDeejay #customstage #technicaldesign

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