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Jaguar E Pace Launch 2017



Jaguar Landrover upped the ante and the theatricality with the launch of their new E-Pace SUV at London’s ExCeL Centre … with stunt guru Terry Grant performing a spectacular world record 270 degree 15.3 metre flying ‘barrel roll’ in the car – certified the record for the furthest barrel roll completed to date in a production vehicle. 

The manoeuvre was inspired by the iconic James Bond 007 movie “The Man With The Golden Gun”, and the presentation featured some cool visual trickery that made it appear the car was right there in the hall performing the trick … but in actual fact, the nail-biting drama of the roll was captured on video and relayed to guests via a large format LED screen.

WI was asked to provide their expertise at moving things at a slightly slower pace by production company Imagination.

However it was also a precision operation to move an 80 piece orchestra tribune for the presentations as the musicians played the show soundtrack live, a task achieved using eight WI laser-guided wagons and control.

The tribune measured 14.5 metre wide by 11.5 metre deep and glided elegantly, first towards the public viewing area and then driving off to stage left.

The eight wagons were positioned below the platform, with a bespoke load balancing system on top, devised to ensure the 20 tonne dynamic load was equally distributed across all eight wagons. Control was via WI’s proprietary system - the wagons can travel at a top speed of half a metre per second!

WI’s Koen Peeters project managed, working alongside Imagination’s Andrew Lancaster, to whom they were recommended by Paddy Hocken, production manager for Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro.