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The Rolling Stones - No Filter Tour - 2021

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The Rolling Stones are finally back on the road to fulfill their US part of the No Filter Tour that started back in 2017. Each time The Stones start touring, the worldwide fan base is wondering whether that would be the last time. Measuring the explosively dynamic stage vibe, we tend to believe it won’t. The Stones are in great shape though the death of Charlie Watts August 2021,  undoubtedly means the end of an iconic era. But as Charlie is immortal, Charlie is omnipresent on the gigantic video screens in this new No Filter episode, kick off Saint Louis October 2021. With longtime associate Steve Jordan on drums, the Stones again succeed in turning every single concert into a once in a lifetime momento.

With WICREATIONS we have constructed several major set elements for the spectacular stage architecture designed by Stufish. 2 major developments were commissioned to us: creating a cantilevered stage roofing system above the main performance area and devising automated rigging for securing 19m70 high by 9m00 wide LED video screens to the front of the 4 large steel towers.

High impact touch and new element since 2021 for this tour is the flamboyant red coating of the roofette structures.


The stage setup for this tour, used in the No Filter shows last year in the U.K and Europe, represents a technological advance that puts more focus on the Stones themselves as stated by production director Dale Skjerseth (aka Opie). Stage design is more streamlined than previous editions, think of the Voodoo Lounge and in fact all previous tours that went with gigantic dragons, blow up dolls and all kinds of hallucinogenic mega props.

Red is the visual identity and flamboyant bleeding heart of The Rolling Stones

No Filter is very much about The Stones themselves and their music without further ‘contorno’. Mick Jagger is front, Keith and Ronny omnipresent at his side, Steve at the back on the massive video walls delivering high-def footage. Further a row of 9 moving spotlights and a transparent roof structure or roofette covering the main stage. Design Ray Wrinkler, construction WICREATIONS and Stageco property. Recent new element is the signal red coating.

Twisting a supporting steel construction into a powerful scenic element is a brilliant creative move.

The choice to highlight industrial frame elements of a stage roofing system usually meant to be merely functional and designed for minimal visual disturbance is a very original choice and a strong visual branding statement. Red is the key color of The Stones’ visual identity. Red is the heart and roots of The Stones. In that context twisting a supporting steel construction into a powerful scenic element is a brilliant creative move. And a very ‘ instagrammable’ move as well. Attention guaranteed.  


With post-covid intense venue (over)bookings, load-in TIME frame targets have become more and more tight. Simultaneously the aspect of SAFE load-ins finally gets the attention it so much deserved for a long time already.  Automated rigging plays an important role in both aspects. Here’s the WICREATIONS concept as used in the Stones stage designed before covid and perfectly meeting as well time as maximum safety demands.

To mount the 20m high LED wall to the steel towers, there are 3 key elements: the video dollies, the tailormade truss that holds the brackets of the video, supported by 3 intermediary wind braces and the motor dollies in the under stage world.  The video supporting truss is lifted in programmed lifting stops with mm precision motors. This layered way of building guarantees accuracy, speed and safety.  The same process is reversed for load-out.


Some nifty extra details on this part of the set:

The 90° floating returns on the led wall form an integral part of each row of led modules, creating seamless corners for full-on video content.

A specific designer wish was to have 9 moving head lighting fixtures protruding from the led wall surface. Having the 36kg heavy Robe BMFL fixtures with their base vertically in these positions, brought a few challenges which were all solved by building fully custom built led panel frames and hinging bracketry.

Target of WIMOTION automated rigging : 0 injuries. 0 casualties. 0 damage.

All of this is a part of the WIMOTION philosophy: the operation and use of automated rigging eliminates or reduces the human erroneous judging. It moreover streamlines the process of a smooth and precisely calculated load-in and load-out. Target 0 injuries. 0 casualties. 0 damage.

Patrick Woodroffe
Automated Rigging
Charlie Watts
No Filter