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Johnny Hallyday - Rester Vivant Tour 2015

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Design, fabrication and automation for the production of French superstar and legendary pop entertainer Johnny Hallyday. Johnny loves a spectacular stage presentation with an epic entrance and WI just love challenges like that.

Imagine some pump it up smoke and light explosions and then amidst thunder and clouds… a huge human skull comes slowly descending from the ceiling  moving to the ground as the sound of the show intro goes in crescendo XL. Once landed the skull gently opens in front and Hallyday walks out of it, just like that. Here comes  Johnny, very ready for an electrifying show night.

The skull structure is open at the bottom and rises up onto the stage via an elevator positioned exactly underneath the skull. To make this happen WI installed two 18m WI Tracks running from the back to the front of the stage in combination with four 500kg moving chain hoists lifting the skull into position. But the skull is not the only moving part of the set. Six 24m WI track lines ensure multiple video screens to move to amplify the stage vibe. Underneath these tracks WI motion hoists vertically position the screens. Additionally, 10 chain hoists are used to move 15 lighting pods completing the WI set up.



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