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Cremonini STADI 2022

Concerts & Touring


8 Italian stadium stops in 8 magnificent Italian cities kick off Lignano over Torino, Roma and Bari to finally close in a spectacular way in Imola, the Ferrarri circuit and worldwide iconic F1 Walhalla.

This is how the 2022 tour of the great Cesare Cremonini is scheduled. Flamboyant Italian singer, performer, artist and also famous as the visionary ex Lunapop frontman. All stadia sold out meaning 300 K wildly excited fans amongst which of course many ladies mesmerized by this archetypical Italian beau ‘male’ passionario.

Uno spettacolo che è molto piu di un concerto



WI have been asked by the Cremonini management to contribute with some motion gear more specifically with our rotating bridge type TP2. This bridge has been specifically designed for touring productions meaning a fast load-in & load-out. The bridge is at the same time very solid, versatile in use and extremely compact in storage. It is fully automated with hydraulics, motion controlled by a central desk in combination with a handheld WIPAD. In every show the rotating bridge is not only an impressive visual scenic highlight.

It also eliminates distance by bringing the artist very close to his audience.

WI TP2 rotating bridge has a spectacular 360° one time turning circle.


The rotating bridge for the 2022 Cremonini show comes out of our warehouses and is a perfect example of WI rental scenario 1 namely: when a creative or productional demand comes in, first thing we do is screening whether requirements can be fully covered by existing gear, objects or structures stocked in our warehouses. If so, ‘off the shelf’ is of course always the most cost efficient solution. The Cremonini rotating bridge is such a case.


And as we in our business of live entertainment engineering, scenic and staging always deal with either heavy weight structures or sophisticated motion control and often both in 1, safety and correct handling of load-in, load-out and onsite are absolute priorities. For the Cremonini rotating bridge, full onsite operational WI support for every of the 8 shows has been taken care of by Xander Ballet.



Total Weight: 5700kg

Ground surface: 4m2 (with a ground pressure of 1425 kg/m2)


  • Platform load
  • Max. total weight: 110kg (video included)
  • Weight optional video: 25kg => Max. additional load = 85kg (1 person) Arm load
  • Max. 10kg/m


  • Lift speed
  • Vertically there is a 2,5m travel distance, the bridge does this distance in 30 sec. Which gives us a speed of 80 mm/s
  • Rotation speed
  • Max. 1 m/s at the platform.

The bridge comes standard without the video. In this case, the side is finished with a black plate.


The platform can be built in a standard 2mx2m scalf structure. This gives extra stability though not really necessary as the bridge structure is already very solid.

When the bridge is lowered into the stage, the handrail disappears underneath the platform. This way a flat stagefloor is guaranteed!





  • Hans Willems Account manager
  • Wessel Fortuin WI Chief engineer AUTOMATION
  • Xander Ballet Motion Operator