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The Most Wanted Tour is the fifth concert tour by Puerto Rican megastar, rapper and singer songwriter Bad Bunny. Fans dressed in western-themed getups gathered to celebrate the return of their hero for his first outing since his ‘World’s Hottest’ stadium run. With this tour Bad Bunny pushes boundaries again on many levels. The man is a visionary with a message he wants to convey. He does so in a very theatrical setting as proven by intricate pyrotechnics and an impressive orchestra.


Bad Bunny’s message is the narrative of a new and an old world, 2 opposite hemispheres, 2 completely different mindsets and how he belongs to both. The narrative of mixed and split identities, of East and West and whether it is possible to embrace both. A symbolic that is powerfully visualized in the split stage show concept of set designers Es Devlin & Gonzalo Padilla for Es Devlin studio. And that’s where WI come in with the fabrication and motion engineering of 2 semicircular stages to be positioned opposite from each other on either side of the arena. 

The show opens with Bad Bunny on 1 stage, the orchestra on the other and a sea of fans filling the middle ground floor. As the acts go on, the singer spends much of the gig moving from one stage to the other with an intermezzo of him balancing on top of a floating rotating catwalk that places him right in front of the fans seated in the upper sections of the arena.

WI gear consists of 2 motion controlled semicircular stages positioned right in front of each other.




The mainstage or the so-called King is set in motion by 4 of our TP06 spira lifts with a libera grid in between and a video floor on top. The platform has a moving range between 1m80 and 4m in height, powered by four 15kW SIL3 drive units. It is finished to become a semicircle with custom brushed aluminum fascia, both on the side and on top to mask the 14,6m diameter video. The stage is supported by 16 triple casters to allow to move it in proper alignment with the flown bridge by TAIT. 

The KING stage has motion devices allowing it to move up to 4m in height which makes pretty much any seat in the arena a good seat.



On the downstage side of the arena, the Queen stage has a 4x2m moveable platform supported by a rectangular lift and 4 TP21 hoists powered by EVO PM030 drives. The deck system, a combination of standard and custom decks, is specially designed to create a semi-circle with video floor on top. Just like the King stage, also this stage is finished with custom brushed aluminum fascia to create a perfect semicircle of 14,6m diameter. 

The QUEEN stage has a 4x2m moveable platform motioned by 4 lift towers.



In our nearly 20-year journey in the global live entertainment scene, WI have been lucky to work on loads of amazing productions and we know by now for sure: each production is unique. In a good, a very good or a minor sense of the word. The BB production can be unanimously categorized as excellent production. Here’s why:


  • A narrative full of symbolism translated into the perfect set design supported by an epic orchestra and jaw dropping pyrotechnics.


  • The finishing of this entire set goes beyond. To give an example: the aluminum of the floor is cut by a CNC router according to a very specific pattern in which the brushing direction follows a circular path.  


  • All suppliers united in an efficient collaborative ecosystem transcending the narrowness of their own business scope. Everyone pitched in, which made the BB team not only a well-oiled machine but also one of the best crews we've ever been part of. 


  • Imagine setting up and tearing down a whole gig in just a couple of hours. That's what we did with 31 trucks! It's like clockwork: leaving an arena perfectly cleared up both in a 2,5-hour time span!

The BB cast is the first cast in which we took part with that many women in leading positions.

Kim Bennett-Abbiss operating for WICREATIONS


  • Are said to rule our world but this definitely is not yet the case in the live production industries. Breaking ground: the BB cast is the first cast in which we took part with that many women in leading positions. Meet Kim Bennett-Abbiss operating for WICREATIONS, production assistants Lisette Almonte and Chelsea Hartley, light operator Krizia Velez, hospitality coordinator Lauren Jones and TAIT operator Mimi Stal and Tour manager assistant Gabriela Guadalupe.


  • Raf Peeters - Project Lead
  • Jasper Rosiers - Project Manager
  • Wessel Fortuin - Engineer
  • Mohammad Abuarayes - Engineer
  • Tim Bernaerts - Technical Designer
  • Rik Kerremans - Technical Designer


  • Greg Vervoort - Crew Chief 
  • Kim Bennett-Abbiss - Operator 
  • Senne Diels – Technician
  • Lance Weaver, Kyle “Gweedo” Smith, Jake Van Egmond - Carpenters 
  • Big C and Tuby - Production Carps


  • A LiveNation Production
  • Roly Garbalosa - Head of Production
  • Andres Albornoz - Production Manager
  • Es Devlin & Gonzalo Padilla – Set Designers 

Together with a premium selection of creative, productional and tech suppliers.