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Armin Only 2017

Concerts & Touring


WI supplied several automation elements for two incredible shows at Amsterdam Arena – The Best of Armin Only - to conclude the amazing ‘Armin Only’ (AO) performance concept which was initiated by the Dutch DJ and music producer … back in 2005!

Wanting to make some massive visual statements in the Arena that was totally sold out both nights to its 35,000 capacity for dance events, organisers ALDA Events was recommended to WI by automation specialists Chris Das of Four Aces (working for lighting and rigging supplier Focus BV) and Jan Konings from Motion FX.

They were both on Armin’s production team, co-ordinating the automation involved in these high-energy-high-impact performances.

Working closely with the show’s production director Maarten Hoogland, WI’s project manager Geert Stockmans ensured that all the motion control ran smoothly on site.


A total of 58 x 500Kg zero and non-zero speed hoists were supplied.

Forty were used to move two bridges which flew in from the venue roof down to the stage (also forming the two legs of a giant A shape made out of trussing).

Eight motors were used for two flying circular platforms over a B-stage and the other ten flew performers up and down from the roof.

In addition to these, nine x 125 Kg WI performer winches moved aerialists around the performance space and a 3 x 4 metre stage lift facilitated artist entrances from below up to the main stage and also helped get props on and offstage at different times during the action-packed four hour extravaganza.

Four three tonne WI rotators helped to spin four large 4 metre wide by 18 metre high sections of LED screen, each with a grid of moving lights on the reverse – which made up a total upstage LED surface area of 60 metre wide by 18 metre high.

On the team

Two operators - Erik Gielen and Joey Poortman - were supplied by WI to manage the movement control, one taking care of the objects and the other of the aerialists.

Time was of the essence and with only two days to complete the full set up and two days of rehearsals … proved tight for the ambitious number of movement axes and performers. Luckily Geert and the WI team of six are very familiar with the venue … so this knowledge helped enormously.

Joining the two operators were WI aerial riggers / motion engineers Patrick Mangelschots & Sam Melotte plus aerial riggers Rick Peeters & Dick Sommers.

The set was designed by Freek Cornelissen of 250K and lighting was created by Marc Heinz and Andre Beekmans.