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WICREATIONS takes over the assets of Swedish advanced technology provider VISUAL ACT

We are very excited to announce the acquisition of the assets of Swedish advanced technology manu-facturer, Visual act Scandinavia AB. The terms of the deal include all the IP, source coding, patents, etc., related to Visual act’s innovative computerized control systems, designed for all types of auto-mated machinery - on, over or below the stage - for events, installations and venues. This acquisition will give Full access to the Visual act Wagon and Visual act 3D IP and the codes will allow WIcreations to offer unrivaled device, object, wagon and 3D flying control and management. Our next step will be the integration of this knowledge and technology into our WIMOTION solutions family and software. Hans Willems: "Our goal has always been to have one single software solution to run all automated aspects of a show or event – whether it is flying people or objects, moving wagons on a floor or along another flat surface, etc. With the proven reliability and scope of the Visual act architecture, several elements are now aligned for this to happen imminently.” #News #AllAboutMotion #Showbizz

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