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GOTEBORG - Opera House

Fixed installation for Göteborg Operan is sure running on (WI castor) wheels!⁠

For one of their latest musicals Karlek Skonar Ingen, Göteborg Operan contacted WI to enlarge their Visual Act legacy wagons base with brand new WI gear. We shipped 3 tailor-made wagons to Göteborg last year along with close support from our experts Cedric Berckmans and Jasper Cosemans who performed a Factory Acceptance Test online from Belgium HQ and then went onsite for a thorough operator’s training and hand-over. ⁠The concept of moving scenery wagons is used to its full benefit with the installation of actual sea containers on top resulting in a new and highly creative stage experience.⁠

The advantage of the wagon technology has not seen its limits yet. Already successfully used on a larger scale with the 8 seating tribunes each holding 200 people while moving around a central performance stage (Studio 100 musicals 40-45/DAENS), WI engineers focus on further development.⁠

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