Plenty of nostalgia on the 11th of August in Blankenberge and on the 20th of August in Nieuwpoort, two Belgian coastal cities. “Tien om te zien” (Ten to watch) returned after 5 years of absence for the 25th birthday of TV station VTM. Over 10.000 people came to the Blankenberge show site on the beach to experience this memorable moment.

No event without lighting or sound! Two 10m tall sound towers, as well as one 13m high lighting tower, fully clad with about 1400kg of lighting equipment, divided over 3 circular trussing levels, were erected on the show site.

The show designer implemented an existing roof structure, but wanted it about 3m off the ground to improve sight lines and camera angles. We built two 2,5m high Wi-towers and the intermediate frames to connect with the saddle roof structure, which was installed by a third party. Each tower base was ballasted to insure the stability of the structure, even in the harshest wind conditions.

Despite the difficult weather conditions during erection and take down our crew did an excellent job again!

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Blankenberge, Belgium