​It was a sold-out performance for Tino Martin at Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium as he delivered a spell binding show packed with dynamic lighting and video, spectacular pyrotechnics and extensive staging so Tino could reach out to his audience. The contribution of one of our rotating bridges, the TP02 gave Tino the opportunity to perform over and above his audience, reaching further and higher than any ordinary thrust stage is able to offer.

The rotating bridge TP02 is part of our standard rental stock. Designed specifically for the touring market, the TP02 is built with all of WIcreations’ renown technical expertise. Despite the structure being designed to offer the fastest of load-in and load-outs and to breakdown to an ultra-compact size for transport, the TP02 is the most solid and robust of structures providing the artist with certainty and confidence when performing. To ensure the smoothest of operation for both lift and pan, the hydraulics are managed by our control desk, equipped with our own developped MCA software for the best possible result. This rotating bridge makes for a fabulous stage FX that literally takes any performance to the next level.

The TP02 made a stunning addition to Tino’s set as he delivered the biggest and most dynamic show of his career to a wildly enthusiastic audience.

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Olympisch stadion Amsterdam