The animation film has turned into a touring live arena show! The five year lasting show is a joint venture between Twentieth Century Fox and Stage Entertainment Touring Productions. The “Ice Age Production” contacted us to help them realize the technical part of the show.

We started modifying the existing main grid which was used to drape the scenery around and hold the video screens. To make sure the animated characters could walk on top of the grid it needed a custom deck. Together with this some safety measures were taken too: a balustrade was placed at the back of the grid.

In the front, some video screens needed to move to the side to make the entry of the big mammoths possible. We made some small adjustments to our existing WI-track to fit with the needs and budgets.

Except for the grid, we also provided the curved flying track, which has a diameter of 20m . This curved flying track, to move birds around, is a custom designed track which needs less space during transport and leaves parts as much as possible connected. This implies fast and easy installation at the next venue.

To transport all big characters it was necessary to design strong dollies.

We designed a big one for the mammoth Manny and a few smaller ones for other equipment.

Once again we delivered everything at very short notice and everything works properly!

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