The latest Mylène Farmer tour, named “Timeless” brings her show to 5 countries,playing a total of 39 gigs! Almost everything is moving on stage this year, and WI plays a major role in it!

Base design idea is the sight of a particle accelerator, which forms a major eye catcher of the show.
Shaped by 5 trapezoidal video frames, flown from 2 WI tracks and 15 hoists, plus 3 panels coming from the ground, this complex shape can be formed, as well as having all 5 flown panels in any other thinkable position over the stage are possible. You have to go see the show or check the videos!

As this show is so complex with all its moving elements, time management during load in/out is crucial. As to deal with this, we developed a pre-rig truss system that holds up to 2 motion controlled hoists with diverter systems and their respective control drives. Only a few minutes are needed to hang it in place!

On the upstage stage side, a massive hi-res video screen hangs on a separate WI tracking system, making it possible to divide the screen into 6 independent parts. Integration of newly developed pickup units brings the video screen closer to thetracking truss.

Another eye catcher of the evening is the rotating “spoon” bridge! Fully integrated into the stage floor, it stays hidden for the audience until suddenly the handrail arises while the artist steps onto the platform tip and the telescopic mast starts the spoon flight over the bewildered crowd.

The bridge’s movements are managed by integrated hydraulics and fully controlled by our in-house computer software to ensure smooth and reliable movements. The bridge’s platform can handle a load of 110kg (artist + equipment) and can rotate at a maximum speed of 1m/s at the platform tip! To add a little extra, the platform can be equipped with LED video!

All moving WIcreations elements are managed from one central control desk by 2 skilled operators! Together with 2 more crew members, all 4 of them take care of the touring system and stay with the production until the end of the tour in December 2013.

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