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One of our services is motion control and the full service that comes with it, including all preparatory calculations, hardware, software and technical people. No wonder dance event organizer ‘Art of Dance’ called on them for ‘Masters of Hardcore’, one of the leading hardcore dance events in Europe.

WIcreations was asked to deliver and mount 6 tracks, with a length of 8 metres each, on which video screens and a giant logo were mounted that were to move back and forth much to the excitement of the bouncing (and sweating) audience. For this particular event WIcreations joined forces with EML Holland. We equipped the two centre tracks with dubble reeved 1 T varistar hoists to carry the middle screen. Two other 0.5 T varistars were needed to move the inflatable Masters of Hardcore logo that hovered above the heads of the DJ’s. The four remaining tracks were equipped with video screens. Screens and logo ‘danced’ along as advertised, creating a feast to the eye for thousands of dancers. This 15th edition of ‘Masters of Hardcore’ took place in ‘s Hertogenbosch, Holland on 6 March 2010 . The place was packed.

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‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands