Working for ID&T Belgium - We moved 12 large lighting and video arches up and down above an audience of 20,000 for four sold-out shows by top Belgian DJ / music producing duo, brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike at the Antwerp Sportpalais.

Each of these pods – rigged with moving lights and clad with LED video panels – weighed 1700 Kgs and was flown on four motors – utilizing a total of 48 x WI 800 Kg and 500 Kg zero speed BGV-C1 hoists.

Above the pods, tucked right up on the roof was a catwalk suspended on 12 of WI’s Elevation 1+ vari-speed hoists and on the end of that was a complete B stage- built by PRG - that flew in on four 2.5 tonne Liftket motors from WI … allowing the artists to be flown directly into the venue and be right above the audience in the middle of the venue for a section of the show.

A total of 64 x WI hoists were used for the extravaganza, all run from one custom WI automation controller operated by Chris Das.

WI has presented innovative engineering solutions for several other ambitious and spectacular projects with ID&T including the same Sportpalais end-of-year shows for DV&LM last year.

All the products used on these gigs are available from WI’s rental stock.

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