​The Yacht Company (Y.CO) is building a groundbreaking innovative and unique yacht, the Aquarius. It’s delivery date was scheduled for December 2016. Being built in Amsterdam by Feadship - De Vries. This 92m yacht is stuffed with all latest technology and exclusive design. Including a 6,5m pool that transforms into a dancefloor! And this is where we came in.

We were asked to design a dance floor that covered the pool, this cover had to be transparent and definitely stable enough to hold a dancing crowd.

The dance floor needed to be built within reasonable time, and this with parts with limited weight and dimensions, so each panel can be carried by the crew to and from the storage room below deck every time the yacht owner decides to do so.

Off course a smart way to fix the dance floor was necessary, to prevent damaging the waterproofing of the pool, the spotless teak deck or the typical white paintwork of the ship itself.

So, we designed a deck conform to all requirements and regulations, with mm precision to meet with the rest of the ships exigency.

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