We are providing a touring tracking system to smoothly move up to four large LED screens on the 2017 Craig David UK tour, working with the production’s rental partners PRG UK and production manager Wob Roberts, who chose us to provide the automation elements.

The R ‘n’ B star’s sixth studio album topped the UK charts after its release last year and this is his biggest production tour in recent years. Most of the dates are sold out and it continues through March and April 2017.

The WI system, available from off-the-shelf rental items, was chosen as a compact and easy-to-tour option and comprises of a 24 metre track and four active tracking wagons which can facilitate three different screen configurations during the show; 6 + 3 metres and 3 + 6 metres, 9 + 9 metres and 18 metres.

The Wi-tracking system is also easily adaptable to a variety of different venue and stage sizes.

We dispatched an operator to the UK for the initial set-up and to train a touring operator / assistant who is on the road with the system.

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