Koen and Kris Wouters make up Clouseau, Flanders’ biggest pop Phenomenon. Starting at the end of November and all the way through December 2007, Clouseau celebrated their 20th birthday as Flanders’ most adulated rock band, with 18 concerts at Antwerp’s vast 14,000-seat Sportpaleis. The ‘Clouseau 20’ summed up the group’s achievements to date.

Here a short overview on all items we realized for the show:

Marley, Print on Marley: (600m²), Floor Lighting holes (13 Pcs), Floor fire pits (13 Pcs) and carpentry

We used Takayama Katachi to build the scaffolding flooring. All the finishing, like Marley and print on Marley, + carpentry was done by us.

We installed 13 fire holes and 13 lighting grills in the floor.

Projection wall, main screen + side screens

The wall was made in separate columns for fast load in and out. All cubes (414 in total) where made out of aluminum and connected by different steel angled plates. Each column was designed around his point of gravity and picked-up with just 1 hoist to place them in the right position. We rigged all these columns separately on a mother grid and tied them together with a few straps to stop them from moving. It was a very extraordinary rigging job.

Each cube was covered with a light grey Poly-stretch fitted sheet.

Special lighting pod trusses

Lights were placed everywhere around the projection screen, because the show was running for longer than a month, it was important to be able to access these at any time. Therefor we design the cubes to be able to lower these at any time.

Upper & Lower decorative cubes

The upper cubes, around the lighting trusses, where made out of aluminum and some of the lower decorative cubes where made of wood and covered with Poly-Stretch.

On the lower side cubes we bolted the cubes together to create the jumps.

Lighting flying bars: (18 Pcs)

There was 18 moving lighting bars with each 3 V*L. These custom made flies where constructed to get all cables hidden inside to get the clean look.

Low profile Piano Elevator

The lowest flooring and catwalk was 1.3m high and we needed to get away with the piano somehow. Therefore we designed and constructed a new elevator in 6 days, which is based on a Winch controlled by our custom Kinesys drives.

Flying cubes

Koen & Kris where still looking for something to get to the other side of the building. We installed a 51m long track with a trolley to fly K&K to the other side of the Sportpaleis. This was decided 2 weeks in front of the first show.

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