This classic Giuseppe Verdi opera and famous love story was been reimagined by legendary Belgian-Italian director Franco Dragone for two special performances at the Forest National in Brussels, presented by the Music Hall Group, directed by Michele Mangini.

WI was contacted by the producers to build an 80 metre curved track suspended below a trussing structure running around the perimeter of the stage, which was used to suspend a curtain made out of heavy-duty nautical ropes - the type normally found on ships – with a rope-drop every 55 cm.

This was an essential element of the set – also designed by Dragone together with the lighting - for this stunning version of an epic production replete with all the emotion and tension you would expect.

The rope curtain opened and closed throughout the performance for entrances and exists and to change the scenic setting and location of the drama.

Extra to this track production required 12 motion controlled hoists to fly set elements in and out. The complete installation was operated by Lesly van Rompaey. For WI rigging specialists co-ordinated the installation and de-rig, and the production managers were Roel Proesmans & Carl Vanginderhuysen.

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