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The Band 2017



WICREATIONS, working for production company TV Bastards, supplied 9 laser-guided wagons that were used to move four seating tribunes for the first series of popular Belgian music talent TV show “The Band’. This is dedicated to scouting out hot new male singers, and was recorded at AED Studios in Lint and broadcast on national TV channel VTM.

The four seating stands each held 25 ‘voting public’ and were angled and positioned around a 180 degree semi-circle shape at one end of the spherical studio / performance space. They started off facing the stage which was in the middle of the space, and also in front of the panel of four judges … who were obscured from the stage by the seating stands.

Behind the judges was a conventional ‘end-on’ fixed seating structure accommodating more studio audience.

As each contestant performed their piece, people in the stands started voting. As soon as the amount of votes in each stand reached a 12 out of 25 and therefore a “yes” scenario –approving the current artist’s performance – the lights on the stand would illuminate and the tribune would start moving!

Two stands moved to the left and two stands moved to the left of the studio space.

As soon as three stands hit the “yes” point, all four tribunes moved around the room into Position 2,180 degrees from their start position, with the voters sitting on them now facing the judges and still looking at the artist onstage in the centre …. But from the opposite direction

As the stands started moving, opening up the judges’ view of the stage and once the song was finished, the judges also then had their chance to opinionate and vote.

A double-chained motor was also supplied by WI to lift an LED screen positioned in front of the judges enabling them to watch the performance when the stands were in the ‘start’ position. As the tribunes started moving, this was flown up out of the way as they now all had a clear view to the stage / artist.

This unique fully certified wagon system and its proprietary control has been developed by WI and used on a number of shows and events to magically move a diverse selection of objects! For The Band, it provided a safe, practical and efficient solution to give the show a signature look.