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IIFA 2016



We designed, supplied and installed a system to move large columns of LED screen and a matrix of lighting ladders that were an integral part of the technical production for the 2016 International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFAs). The 17th edition of the IIFA Awards was staged in Hall 6 of the Feria de Madrid exhibition complex in Madrid, Spain and included a star studded line up of Bollywood celebrities.

The IIFAs is one of the highest profile events on the hugely proactive Indian film industry calendar and the Awards are presented annually by the IIFA to honour the artistic and technical excellence of professionals in Bollywood and the Hindi language film industry.

The show was broadcast on Indian national TV and across various satellite channels as well as being live streamed over the internet.

WI’s team was led by Geert Stockmans. We were asked onboard to deliver the specialist automation elements needed by PRG after Geert was initially contacted by Tom Van Hemelryck, Vice President Special Events at PRG. Once the tender was accepted and the project confirmed, WIcreations worked closely with PRG’s Spanish operation under the lead of general manager Xavier Theys, who were tasked to deliver the technical production required by producers Whizcraft, one of India’s leading communication & entertainment specialists.

Seven 3mm Unilumen LED columns were tracked horizontally using 46 metres of WI-track which was installed in the roof of the venue in a mid stage position. This was so it could be used to close down and change the shape of the performance space, as entrances and exits for artists and also used as a backdrop to the actual Award presentations.

Each LED column measured 2 metres wide by 7 metres tall, weighed around 600 Kgs and was suspended on the WI-track by two 500Kg zero speed GIS hoists from WI.

WI’s automation operator, Erik Gielen utilized one of their custom computer control systems to glide the columns into a number different formations – from seven individual strips to one large surface … an elegant and seamless exercise using this equipment.

The other part of the production that moved was an arrangement of moving lights rigged on 6 vertical ladders each spaced 1.5 metres apart from one another and each loaded with several moving lights.

The trussing framework was suspended by seven vari-speed hoists and positioned upstage of the moving LED columns. It moved up and down throughout the show providing a spectacular wall of effects lighting that opened up and transformed the look of the stage.

The logistics for the event’s production were well organized and the timescale sensible for the quality and scale of the project, with around two and a half months between the initial contact with WI and the show day, and the luxury of starting the site build two weeks ahead of the event!

“It is always exciting to be involved in new projects and particularly the IIFA’s which is prestigious and known for its ambitious productions. It was also a pleasure working with PRG’s international team. Looking forward to a next collaboration, especially with Christoph Hahnl, their production manager on this one”.

- Geert