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Cirque Du Soleil - The Immortal World Tour 2011

Theatre & Musical


We are very proud to be able to participate in one off the amazing Cirque du Soleil shows. This riveting fusion of visuals, dance, music and fantasy starts touring in North America on October 12th 2011. WIcreations was asked to design and construct some stage elements that play an important role in the show. All of these elements are highly movable (moving things are indeed one of our major specialties) and contain video screens. Furthermore they had to be designed and built to the highest security standards and in such a way that they fit in transportable containers as this show will tour the world.

The ever moving video screens

First there is the impressive video ramp. A 6 x 7 meter video screen, weighing 2,5 tons, that fits in the stage floor right in front of the video wall and that is able to move in the vertical position by means of a hydraulic system. This movable video screen has to withstand a weight of no less than 360 kg/m2 as a tree (yes a tree, this is Cirque du Soleil after all) is positioned on top of it at various times during the show. 

For this special feature we had to split the screen in three parts. The central part remaining in the stage floor when the tree is resting on top of it, while the two side parts rise out from the floor at an angle of 45°.

Second we supplied retractable steps. These are 4 stair elements that form a video wall when in the retracted position. Again strength was a major issue. When slide out in the stairs position the treads have to carry the weight of dancers (360 kg/m2) doing some awesome moves, break dance style. At the same time the risers of the stairs keep serving as video screens. These 4 stair elements are able to slide in and out independently.

A third element we built and supplied are the video doors that, together with the retractable steps, form the video wall. These doors, the entrance to the set, are opened and closed by hand. All other elements we provided are automatically controlled and actuated by our motion control system.


The elevators …

Last but not least we also designed two elevator systems.

The ‘Lake stage elevator’ is centrally built in the main stage. This elevator measures 3,7m x 3,7m and must be able to move at a speed of at least 0,6 m/second, while the central part of it has to withstand a weight of 2500 kg/m2. The elevator has 3 important positions. Stage level, Ground level and an over lift of 80cm from stage level. All build under a stage of 1,2m height.

The same requirements apply to the two ‘down stage elevator’, these elevators are located off stage on the downstage edge off the Brilliant stages, and are used to bring performers and props on stage quickly.

All these elements are controlled from a central control desk where we can monitor and control all movement.

Safety above all!

Another important element is safety! All our stage elements have a separate safety unit to guarantee all interlocks to other systems to get a high level of safety!

As one team!

We teamed up with brilliant Stages and worked as one team. A technical test build was organized at our new location to fit all our automation items into the Brilliant Stages set.

After the test build in Heist-op-den-Berg, 9 containers were shipped to Ottawa, Canada to build the entire set and start with the rehearsals.