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London Olympic Games - Videoscreens 2012 (GB)



The London 2012 Olympic games, offered us a great opportunity to put our company in the picture! Any company that has the privilege to supply materials or to work for the Olympic Games, needs to meet with all regulations premised by the London Organizing Committee. This means among others - Minimize waste generation and maximize reuse and recycling, use environmentally and socially responsible materials, prevent incidents,... We managed well! Our entire construction can be dismantled and recycled or reused for other projects.


We built 4 giant LED screens for the London Olympic stadium. Measuring 19m30 by 9m80 and weighing 9,5T each! We built the steel supporting frames to hold the video tiles. Each screen has a "catwalk" behind the frame for easy maintenance! After the production of the frames , our supervisors went to London to assist the installation team and riggers. We also provided all necessary steel wire ropes, terminations and fixings to connect the screens to the stadium structure.

Everything went smooth, all four screens were built in a short period thanks to the full preparation at our production hall. As a little extra we designed the video structure in a way that it looks like it "floats" in the air . It's difficult to see how the screens are connected to the stadium structure. To get this floating effect we used steel cables and connections behind the screen.