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EDC Las Vegas 2016



WI were asked by staging experts Stageco, working for the Insomniac production company, to produce the key scenic elements of the main circuit GROUNDS stage at the 2016 Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) dance extravaganza in Las Vegas. Staged at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and attracting around 450,000 people over 3 days with a stellar line-up of the best DJs embracing multiple musical genres … EDC is one of the largest and most exciting EDM events worldwide. EDC 2016 at the same time being the 20th Anniversary of the festival.

Dutch design company Jora Entertainment had worked on the event for many years. And EDC’s stage environments are known for their awesome high-impact visual appearance and intricate attention to detail, an area in which WICREATIONS also excels.

The Arc

With the scale of the staging projects being so enormous, and following a highly successfully collaboration on the Beyoncé Formation tour a few months previously, our team project managed by Yves Vervloet, worked on scenery panels for the enormous 250 ft wide circuit GROUNDS stage, 80% of which was covered in scenery. The stage’s centrepiece was a large 30m diameter arc with 21 scenery panels with integrated LED panels, masking the video screen behind and making it rounded in shape. This was flanked by 2 smaller arcs either side of stage, each with 9 scenery panels clad in a similar fashion.

8 Stage Wings

Together with Stageco, WI fabricated a series of wings – 4 each side of stage - which are attached to the steel structure either side. Incorporating them into the set was a creative integration of subtle but large scale branding in the performance space. The largest wing – measuring 20m wide by 15 high was the most offstage and was made up from 2 sections, while the smallest – meaning 12m wide by 25 metres high the most onstage - had 7 sections. All 8 complete wing constructions were clad with scenery panels.

Our design includes special brackets to fly the panels of the arc onto the Stageco superstructure and a tool for fitting to the crane as the pieces have to be craned out of the dollies and onto stage. Vertical Vision, another Dutch company specializing in large format digital printing and graphics, produced and fitted the scenic skins that finish the décor on the panels

WI fabricated 8 massive wings - 4 each side of stage - resembling real bird’s wings similar to the owl of the EDC logo

Smart Portable Solutions

All scenery elements were designed and built to be broken down, fitted into dollies and transported in containers as the EDC festival tours to 4 other locations – New York, Orlando, Brazil, Mexico and the UK. 13 dollies were WI designed and built to contain the wings and the centre arc parts, which can then pack into 2 freight containers - a neat portable solution for these elements worldwide.



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