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Kenzo - Womenswear Fall 2015 - Paris (FR)



“A parking lot outside the Paris Event Center in the 19th district... Inside was a space of an enormousness that recalled Tommy Hilfiger’s football field of a runway in New York, many spectators standing. They were rewarded when the stage’s large, striped backdrop began to move, rather ominously, toward the waiting pit of photographers. “It’s coming to get us!” one of them hollered. But the big wall had other plans, breaking into seven shimmering, sliding columns.

These dwarfed the model-mortals who stomped forth, many wearing some kind of cape or cocooning head wrap.” - NY Times | March 9 by Alexandra Jacobs | Commenting on the Tommy Hilfiger collection / show at NYFW AW15

This big wall was formed by seven Kenzo designed set elements, each of them sitting on top of a Wi laser guided wagon. All were driven and controlled by one of our operators over a dedicated wireless network. The complete show choreography for the seven wagons was programmed in advance, so the models knew exactly where the huge set elements would go.

Press comments

“It was pretty mesmerizing, and if you weren't careful, you almost missed the actual clothes.”

- | March 8

“When not distracted by the impressive moving parts of the perfectly orchestrated mise en scène, this collection had a lot going for it.”

- | march 8 by Jessica Michault

“Kenzo's impact was fun and funky. An impact that was heightened by the monstrous moving metallic towers that spun like disco balls during the finale.”

- 10 Magazine | march 8 by Ted Stansfield