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Rammstein 2018

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@Jens Koch

Rammstein, known for their spectacular pyro and fire-fueled shows, full-force industrial metal sounds, uncompromising sometimes controversial lyrics, their thrilling, hair-raising high-energy live performances and adversarial commercial success release their much-anticipated self-titled new album. Entertainment engineering specialist WICREATIONS is delighted to be working with the band and their talented production team.

WICREATIONS seized the opportunity of working with one of the highest profile live bands on the planet to launch its new integrated WIMOTION system which gives precise control and synchronisation of individual and group moving chain hoists utilising SIL3 group position monitoring



  • Performer elevating
  • Object lifting



  • Moving video screen and platform


  • Backwall 

  • Tron Fascias

  • Central Tower

  • Kabuki and pyro throughs


@Jens Koch

The centrepiece of the main tower is formed by a 5 meter wide by 9 meter high HD video screen that moves 27 meters up and down the tower. The screen is wind braced and guided along a set of vertical rails to allow an in-use wind loading of 15 meters per second.

To top off this demanding but hugely exhilarating project, WI created a scenic lift platform that raises the six Rammstein band members 26 meters above the main stage.

A total of 10 WIHOISTS are used to move the video screen and band platform. Both can travel at speeds of up to 0,4 meters per second.


The WIHOISTS are controlled by the WICONTROLLERS, guaranteeing a SIL3 safety level.

At the heart of this machinery system is the software that deals with the individual and group synchronisation of all the moving hoists using SIL3 group position monitoring.

Using the WIDESK with touch-screen enabled user interface and running WIMOTION software, the operator can joystick the hoists into position.

WIMOTION allows for the easy setup of group halt options, enabling a position lock for all motors in a group and to set the maximum group and individual channel loads.

The user interface is complemented with a ESCommander unit and a SIL3 group-position monitoring system providing protection against loss of the group synchronisation. The ESCommander also acts as Emergency Stop and Hold-to-run hub for all devices; it monitors each group’s SIL3 upper and lower data-limits for all dual-encoder WIHOISTS and it safely halts the movement in case of positional discrepancy.

This innovative safety system concept allows hassle-free plug-and-play configuration of daisy-chained drives and a variety of safety signal distribution modules for the most flexible setups.

A perfect first case for a full WIMOTION setup



WI has designed and built 6 back-wall structures which are part of the set and contain integrated lighting elements. These form a grid-like structure of 5 wide by 7 high sections, each measuring 6 meters wide x 11 meters high with 320 integrated moving heads.  

All the lights are rigged on integrated mounts that slide over the grid structure and into place. WI’s design means they remain on the structural beams during transport, making it extremely fast to install these 6 major structural elements.



WI has also created a set of Tron Fascias as they are called, 8 in total, 6 which are in between the back walls, with 2 rigged on the main left and right pod towers, and 2 more on the upstage pod towers.

All the Trons have integrated RGBW led strips and ColorForce LED battens in bespoke waterproof housings.The fascia’s vertical splits were dictated by the dimensions of the LED battens, with 42 units of the 72 inch version and 10 of the 48 inch version integrated.

All the Trons and the Fascia structures have digitally printed scenic panels to guarantee a consistent look and to add durability. Manual handling is minimized because all the elements travel in dedicated custom touring dollies… allowing them to be loaded in and out from their dollies by their own overhead-rigged WIHOISTS whilst being guided in vertical tracks.


@Jens Koch

The 400 square metre central tower which has 23 Fascia panels in 2 stacks of 11 and 1 stack of 10 on the front – is also a WISTRUCTURE, made up from 4 vertical rails, each loaded with 11 moving lights and 10 strobes.


WI was also asked to create an easy-to-rig system for 10 kabuki drops. 6 of these are deployed in the back wall areas with 4 more on the freestanding field towers.

The kabuki frames each have four integrated kabuki brakes, can be loaded with the drapes and rigged from ground level and are transported in their custom built touring dollies.

As an addition to the StageCo-built band roof, production commissioned WI to create an easy to rig, yet neatly integrated pyro trough along the downstage roof edge, which holds a variety of pyro and flame devices complete with related wireless control electronics.


All this is co-ordinated for WI by Koen Peeters and Hans Willems, asked onboard by the tour’s technical consultant Jeremy Lloyd of UK based Wonder Works. They have worked closely with Rammstein’s own creative team, a collaboration between lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe from Woodroffe Basset Design (WBD), production designers Wieder Design Studio and Wonder Works.

The band themselves are also very involved in their stage presentations.

A total of 72 tons and 10 trailers full of custom equipment was delivered from WI in just 14 weeks – a great testament to the overall collaboration of the many departments involved in creating this amazing show, and to the teamwork and talents of the WI team in Heist-op-den-Berg.

The WI moving video and band platform systems are being managed on the road by two dedicated WICREW, while the scenic equipment is being managed by the production crews.

Spot on technical development tour support and 1st class crew... Nicolai Sabottka, production manager


  • Consultant: Jeremy Lloyd - Wonderworks
  • Production Director: Nicolai Sabottka
  • Show Design: Woodroffe Bassett Design
  • Lighting Design: Roland Greil & Patrick Woodroffe
  • Production Design: Florian Wieder
  • Set Design: Cuno Hahn
  • Scaff and steel supplier: StageCo  
  • LX Programmer: Marc Brunkhardt
  • Video Programmer: Tim Hornung
  • Lighting Director: Faren Matern & Marc Brunkhardt
  • Camera Director: Sven Offen
  • Live Visuals: Haegar De & David Gesellbauer
  • Lighting Vendor: Neg Earth Lights
  • Video: Solotech DeKalb
  • Blumano: SIL3 documentation commissioned by WICREATIONS
  • Our Awesome WICREW on the job: Drika, Brecht, Tim and to all involved in our warehouse! #YouRock!
@Jens Koch
@Matthias Photography