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Mylène Farmer 2019

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Mylène Farmer was the first full rental in stock WIMOTION project, using the WIDESK, WIMOTION software and a lot of stock devices.  It was a project managed by WI’s Koen Peeters. Two WIDESKS were used, one for the Anneau and its tracking access platform, plus the three dimensional movements of the Cercles … and one for the Blocks, the proscenium and the seven Triangles.

Koen Peeters was approached by the artist’s production manager Didier Gaume and technical co-ordinator Pascal Meley, following a very successful collaboration for the artist’s 2013’s ‘Timeless’ tour. Creative director Emanuelle Favre teamed up with lighting designer Dimitri Vassiliu to create a great live experience, packed with WOW moments and spectacular effects for Mylène Farmer’s many fans.


A total of 63 WIHOISTS, 72 meters of WITRACK, 16 active track runners and 4 ground track runners formed the active motion elements for this extensive automation set-up.

Due to the sheer size of the show rig and the venue’s height, nearly 7 kilometers of power and data cabling were necessary. The six-week on-site period included a one week build and two weeks of rehearsals.

Let's take a closer look at all the elements…



  • Performer flying
  • Tracking and lifting objects 


  • Horizontal motion



Making a spectacular entrance, Farmer was lowered on a 5 meter diameter 1 metre wide scenic ring which was constructed by set builders Artefact. WI had the task of flying it in from the roof, a travel distance of around 38 meters, turning as it descended.

To bring Mylène from the venue’s catwalk to the Ring, a 6 meter by 2 meter platform was tracked over a 6 meter distance, lowering 3 meters and aligned with the Ring’s integrated performer platform.

This move had to be completed during a hidden pre-set window just before the show started.

As the Ring landed on the retractable runway at the front of the stage, the artist stepped out of L’Anneau and launched into the first song of the performance.The Ring was automated and rotated utilising four half tonne WIHOISTS for the vertical motion and a 5-meter diameter circular track served the rotational motion.




The two stage left and right blocks lifted up 6 metres from the venue floor (where they were sat concealed in the set), to above stage level and then remained in that show position, while the centre one flew up and down into several different positions.

The video platforms were lifted by four WIHOISTS and rotated along a Ø7m50 WITRACK, using 4 active track wagons.  These three pieces brought a high-impact change of architecture across the stage as the performance entered different sections.



WI provided the motors, rigging and control to fly three large concentric circular lighting trusses measuring 8, 12 and 16 meters diameters respectively … each loaded with multiple luminaires.

The circles both tilted and moved up and down and were an integral part of Dimitry Vassiliu’s lighting design.

The central one was automated with four half-ton motors, with six for the middle one and eight on the largest.

The runway retracted all the way back under the stage via a driven wheel system using 24 industrial strength wheels and WIs zero speed motion drive system. You are looking at a 6 tons construction.  


Worked hard on this show and helped turn it into an absolute top notch performance:

  • Production Manager:  Didier Gaume
  • Technical coordination: George "Pascal" Meley
  • Lighting Designer: Dimitry Vassiliu
  • Creative director Emanuelle Favre
  • Alabama Media: video and lights
  • FL Structures: motion hoists for pyramid objects & trussing
  • Artefact: scenic objects; “l’anneau”, “le plafond”, “les objets piramide”, floor tracking system for pyramid objects
  • Stageco Belgium: scaffolding floor
  • The awesome production crew for WI: Tim, Xander, Miro, PieterJan & Jacky and to all involved in our warehouse! #VousEtesFantastique!