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Lorenzo 2018

Concerts & Touring


Italian singer-songwriter, rapper and superstar, Jovanotti's tour adds the TP5 ELEVATOR to his set design.  WI were approached by the tour’s production designer Claudio Santucci of Gio Forma who, in addition to the general scenic design - wanted a unique way of being able to move the artist back and forth between the main stage and a B stage located out in the audience, just in front of the FOH position. He came to WI for a robust and reliable solution, where the project was managed by Hans Willems.





  • Performing elevating
  • Rotating 


This was one element of a two part automation proposed and provided by WI for the production which also involved a 10m span of the rotating TP2 bridge.

This is designed for touring productions and optimised for quick get-ins and outs. It’s an extremely strong, solid structure yet compact for transport, fully automated with hydraulics and managed by WI’s flexible control system.

This is positioned at right angles to the end of a central thrust coming out from the stage. The artist sashays along the runway first, and then onto the fully decked bridge and rotating arm, complete with automatic handrails which rise up as soon as the bridge starts lifting.


The TP5 elevator is based on WI’s Spira lift which gives super accurate positioning and can support the same load up to 1.5 tons even at its highest lifting point at 5m.

Simultaneously to the bridge moving upwards, the TP5 rises up from the floor to the same height, with a full DJ set up on top.

The bridge chorography forms the transition between a slower song and the vibey pumping DJ section of the show.

The rotating bridge and arm starts moving around, transporting Jovanotti from the end of the thrust - complete with moving lights underneath to emphasise the bridge being pushed up - right above the heads of audience sending fans completely wild and allowing the star to get right among them.

It deposits him on the B stage and then returns to its home position. 

The TP05 elevator has a 3 x 3 metre platform on top and all the pre-installed kit so he can mix and DJ this section of the show. At the end of this, the lift lowers, he exits the platform and walks back through the crowd to the bridge and thrust area … enjoying more adulation!

Two WI crew, Mathias Eycens and Jesse Zaenen co-ordinated everything.