​When French production company Auditoire wanted a special LED screen spinning effect for a YouTube Brandcast staged at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris … they asked us to assist in creating a bit of automation magic.

Our Project manager Koen Peeters co-ordinated the project which was to rotate four LED screens at the back of a performance stage set up in the venue, which were flanked by four fixed LED screens.

Space and headroom was extremely tight, and the solution was found using four WI TP3 1000kg rotators rigged to a low profile truss installed upstage in the roof of the venue, maximizing every centimetre of ceiling height.

The four turning 4.8 metre high by 1.44 mm wide columns of LED were fixed in the horizontal position so they could only rotate around a vertical axis and were also stabilized at the base with a floor mounted rotation point.

It was essential that the screens butted right up to one another with the smallest gap possible between all of them.

We used our control system to ensure smooth and accurate fully programmable operation of the rotators, interacting with the performers on stage.

The rotating screens were a big hit for the creative section of the show providing a dynamic and changing backdrop to the artist line-up and some energetic dance routines.

The Brandcast event showcased the power and advantages of using the video platform as a communications channel. It was attended by over 1000 guests and VIPs and supported by a number of high profile companies and media related organizations.

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the Maison de la Mutualité, Paris