​The TV programme ‘Hole in the Wall’ is a worldwide hit. Belgian broadcaster VT4 also transmitted this truly bizarre show.

The production house used the Wi Track system from Wi Creations to drive the famous wall. This show demonstrated once again the biggest advantage of the system. With the Wi Track you can accelerate quickly or slowly, brake very gradually or come to a sudden stop. Everything is possible end everything is programmable. The only difference with other applications is that the Wi Track for ‘Hole in the Wall’ was not hanging but rather laid along the ground. There was actually a Wi Track on both sides of the wall. The two systems were perfectly synchronised so that the wall always moved in perfect alignment with the direction of travel.

The wall ultimately rode 310 times, each over a distance of 15 m, at a speed of 2 metres per second. As far as we know, the speeding wall did not cause any accidents.

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