​Versuz, one of the largest dance temples of Belgium closed its doors last year... but now... one year later Versuz³ opened his doors!

They changed the location to a newer and bigger venue. The entire place was modernized with a state of the art moving stage and integrated, but detachable DJ Booth.

This is where we came in. By designing the stage and booth to be control driven over the dance floor and even have the booth to be rotating, the DJ always is in the middle of the action and the venue’s capacity can be changed accordingly. A 17m long integrated floor gutter hides and protects the drive and cabling components.

Apart from the main stage and DJ booth, we also designed, fabricated and installed three gigantic oval light and video trusses above the dance floor. The largest truss measuring 12m x 17m and being equipped with lights and LED video brings 4.5t to the scale. Added to the already 2.5t and 3.5t of the 2 smaller trusses, these are real eye catchers that bring light in the dance temple!

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