U2 performs under a 53 ton video screen...

U2, the Irish super band, started its tour through Europe and North America on 30 June 2009. The eyecatcher of the concert, apart from the huge stage, is a vertically extending oval screen with a cross section of 25 by 16 meters.

The screen itself, the result of a totally new technique by Innovative Designs, a sister company of Barco, was fixed to a supporting construction developed and built by WICreations. This construction not only supports the screen, but also incorporates all cables and electronics extending with the screen up to 22m high. The height of the folded screen is 6m.

Apart from the usual structural and technical requirements, quick assembly and repackaging of the screen and the support construction were imperatives. This also proved a success. The whole screen can be built up within 6 hours.

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