Rotate to the other side of the world...

As with other years (and at every “Tomorrow venue”) we installed the rotating ‘info Globe’ on top of the information kiosk which ensured that no one got lost at the festival this year… maybe only a little bit stuck in the mud... which is all part of the festival vibe and spirit!

We also worked on the main stage this year… as the famous Rotator Stage was transported to the U.S.

This stage was packed with hypnotic rotating spirals, over a dozen large turning sprocket wheels of various diameters moving at different speeds, and including elements that at times moved in front of the large central LED screen forming psychedelic looking specatcles!

Part of our scope was to realise the full concept of three huge (8, 7 and 5 metres respectively) windmill-like rotators, which were interconnected via three propellers. We also constructed these for the 2014 Belgian version of the event.

One operator on a console positioned at FOH kept all these DMX controlled moving elements running correctly throughout the event.

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