​6 weeks ago we shipped the supporting structure for the Book of Wisdom, together with the rotating globe to place on top of the information kiosk, to the states. The past few weeks our team did everything necessary to make everything work and to ensure a great party… And what a party! Once the Book opened there was no way back!

This “Book of Wisdom” is actually a huge supporting structure for two giant video screens that can open and close at any time during the show. Each screen had a height of 10m and a width of 7m. The screens opened and closed like a giant book! We designed a structure to move each page separately, so the book could open any way wanted. To hold the video, we built 2 frames with a strong hinge in between.

Because of huge reaction forces on the scaffolding (the book + structure= 21,5T) a secondary structure was needed to hold the pages. A strong tower structure was built inside the scaffolding to deal with these forces.

The entire structure was calculated to deal with winds up to 74km/h when the book was moving. When the book was completely opened, the structure was calculated to deal with winds up to 105km/h. In this way maximum safety was guaranteed in all circumstances!

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