WI built a 12 ft. diameter ‘Wheel of Death’ – to showcase synchronized acrobatic routines - and its related supporting structure which made up part of the stunningly eye-catching, elaborate Main Stage set for the 2017 Tomorrowland dance extravaganza staged in Boom, Belgium.

WI has been involved with Tomorrowland, one of the world’s most popular EDM events, for several years, however, in all the eccentric projects and feats of innovative engineering … this was the first Wheel of Death they have ever constructed!

The supporting structure was made completely from off-the-shelf WI truss elements. The edges were all circular trussing pieces with two inverted sections at the top, making the shape more quirky, and some custom bracketry used to fit everything together.

Once the trusses were clad in wooden surrounds, the structure was finished with graphic wrapping materials.

The Wheel of Death itself - a large spaceframe with two hooped tracks at either end - was a custom WI design fabricated from aluminium.

It was rotated using a manual mechanism activated by the acrobats performing either inside or on top of the two hoops as it spun around the central axis. They also showed off their balancing skills when the wheel was stationary!

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