​For its 2015 edition, the Tomorrowland main stage was designed in the shape of a castle! Every morning a huge double doored gate led the crowd’s eyes to the secret kingdom of Melodia. The place where the party doesn’t stop.

We designed a steel frame to support the gate scenery and connected this to a custom operating mechanism. The steel gate structure had a total weight of 3000kg and was connected to the main scaffolding structure.

Each door was 3.80 metres wide by 10 metres high and concealed a huge video screen.

Not only did the main stage have a WI touch.

The Q-dance stage had some WI elements in its inner structure.
On Friday, a mask was hung above the Q-DJ’s. To facilitate this, we installed four of our towers right behind the DJ. During the night (while most of the party people were sleeping) the mask and the ground support structure was removed and the big picture frames of the Q-dance stage became visible.

Every year, Tomorrowland does something to connect the dance music scene with other music genres. This year the Belgian National Philharmonic Orchestra installed itself on the Opera stage. Ready to fuse classical music and dance into a perfect marriage, as a Symphony of Unity.
But an orchestra means many people on stage! So a very wide “DJ/Orchestra” roof was designed to cover them all! A span of over 12m was necessary to give sufficient room. The result was a stylish transparent steel roof absolutelyideal for the Opera stage!

Two years ago, we designed, built and installed the rotating “info” globe at the festival. Since then, this small globe has travelled several times around the real big one … to the other Tomorrowland editions in America and Brazil. Now it was installed for a third time at Boom in Belgium to point out the info zone!

Back in 2010 we designed a small DJ roof for the main stage, this year this same roof was used to cover the DJ’s at the Mazda Journey Island stage … the DJ’s of the smaller stages also like to be dry during their sets!

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