Tomorrowland is celebrating their 10th anniversary! Two weekends in a row of full madness were organized and attended by a multi-national and multi-cultural 180.000 big crowd, meaning 360.000 pairs of feet danced and jumped up and down on the holy grounds of the Schorre in Boom, Belgium to the tones of hundreds of renowned DJ’s! The well appraised magical atmosphere of Tomorrowland, a setting that is perfected in every detail, a world class line-up and a perfect organization have already yielded the festival several nominations and awards.

For the third year in a row we were one of the chosen suppliers for the TML/TMW festival. This year it was all about rotating elements. Twenty seven motion controlled rotators, 3 motion controlled propellers and 3 custom made rotating structures were designed, installed and operated by our services.

The main stage was packed with hypnotizing rotating spirals, over a dozen of turning sprocket wheels with various diameters and speeds, elements that moved in front of the central big screen and acted like glasses, it didn’t stop! Part of our scope were also the full conception of three huge (8m, 7m and 5m) windmill-like rotators, which were interconnected to the three propellers.

One operator on a central FOH desk kept all these moving elements under control, using the dmx protocol.

At the Q-Dance stage, dedicated to jump and hard style music, a huge 2,2 ton heavy and 57m² large partly inflatable “face” was part of the Saturday night setting. This meant it had to be installed during the quite hours from Friday to Saturday and had to be removed again from Saturday to Sunday… To fulfill both the structural as well as the logistical design briefs, we installed a steel structure, based on four interconnected, 16m high WI-Towers that supported the scenic face structure. Twenty eight tons of ballast assured the fully masked structure would withstand possible wind loads of up to 72km/h.

The third part in this year’s Wicreations’ TML scope was the installation of the rotating globe, which already has been used for the 2013 editions of Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld. This 5m diameter rotating globe has become one of the well-known eye catchers and an important landmark for the festival visitors. The structure’s center piece carries the slowly rotating sculpted festival logo, while the globe itself rotates counter clockwise. The logo as well as all major global cities are individually lit and shine brightly into the night.

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