KETNET, Flanders’ public children's TV channel celebrated 20 years since first hitting the airwaves with a series of massive star-studded musical shows and afterparties. In collaboration with Studio100, the big reunion “Throwback Thursday” party was a HUGE success.

Aimed at Ketnetters from over that timespan who are now young adults … there were plenty of former children’s heroes making an appearance as well as popular anchors Samson & Gert and Peter van de Veire who ended the evening with a banging DJ set from the nineties and noughties.

WI was asked to provide stage automation in the form of three elevators, which were used as stage lifts for artists’ entrances and exits.

For the Saint Nicholas shows, a few days later, a 30 metre WI-track flying system was installed above the stage to fly Ketnet superheroine Mega Mindy into the action during this second production which used the same stage. Simultaneous to this action, four TP05 WI-BAND winches lifted a selection of flags signalling her arrival onstage.

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