​Last year, K3 announced a couple of concerts at the Antwerp Sportpaleis, it went from 2 concerts to 4 concerts. And this only in Belgium. After the announcement of the first four concerts they announced seven more shows at the Ahoy in Rotterdam. They had the biggest K3 show ever in their mind!

The theme of their last CD is all about pirates. The design team created a show that needed a huge pirate ship that flies over the audience.

This is where we came in, the ship with a weight of 3000kg and a total weight of over 5000kg (Ship, trussing,...) had to fly from the stage all the way to the back of the venue, turn!, and then go back to its original position.

To do this we created 2 tracks next to each other, each track had a length of almost 80m. In Antwerp this track had to be supported in the front by our tower system because the roof couldn't hold the weight behind the stage. In Ahoy everything was hung on the roof.

Underneath the track we hung a large circle truss with our circular track. This way the ship could turn at any moment we wanted.

For this special thing we calculated everything very detailed (as usual), every force, every movement was internally calculated and recalculated, so that the evening of the show everything went flawless!

But there were more things we did during this show, also the huge video screen in the back was moving along our tracking system. Also the elevator in the middle to get the artists on stage was our work, here we used our TP2 elevator.

Even the heart shaped piano was custom made at our drawing boards, for this we created an elevator system (TP3) that can handle all kinds of custom shapes, with this new elevator system the only thing we had to do is place the paws at all the crucial points of the custom made piano and elevate the thing. The other elevator in the "E" of the stage was also done this way.

All the movements of the ship together with the movements of the large video wall, the custom made elevators to get the piano up and the elevators to get the artists on their spot were controlled by our motion control system and operated by only one operator during the show.

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