Reverze Illumination, one of the biggest hard dance events in Belgium, took place in the Antwerp Sportpaleis and the Lotto Arena where 20,000 people joined the sold-out party until the early hours!

Dividing a pyramid...

We took care of all the motion controlled set elements for the evening. And it wasn’t just an elevator or a winch this time…
For the first time in Belgium, we introduced the heavy duty floor track to move two 5000kg pyramid shaped set pieces to the sides fo the venue.
Behind this pyramid, two huge 2000kg rotating objects were installed. Together with the video, it created an unprecedented visual effect!

And last but not least…
60 motion controlled chain hoists took care of the movement of 20 square shaped lighting & video elements hanging above the crowd.
Two WI operators made sure everything moved on time during the night.

It was an eventful night filled with motion and fun!

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Sportpaleis Antwerp, Belgium