Maná, one of the bigger Latin Rock Bands from Guadalajara, Mexico got famous in the Spanish world in 1990. Winner of three Grammy Awards, 5 Latin Grammy Awards and more… Now, after a career from over 25 years, they release a new album called, “Cama Incendiada”. And with a new album belongs a new (world) tour!

According to the design, we custom build the entire set, using a little bit off scaffolding as well. Starting with the creation of the eye catchers of the evening, five 10m “golden” arms, each with a custom made cross shaped light box at the end, containing nine moving heads. These arms can lift the light boxes to heights over 14m. Each arm was in need of a small frame to fit a moving hoist, these hoist take care of all the motion of the arms.

Between the five light arms, there is a lot of video. With just enough space in between to fit the light arms. Half-way up, each of these screens are interrupted with each nine more moving heads. All of this together provides a very bright background for the show.

And if that’s not enough, another version of the light boxes was made to hang at the sides of the stage, this time instead of cross shaped boxes, they were X-shaped.

Another item we build were the follow spot cabins, each weighing around 1300kg. They can hold two 80kg spot operators with each a Clay Paky Mythos follow spot.

All these items are made for touring, dollies for the light arms and the light boxes. And the spot cabins are dollies on their own! Easy load-in and load-out is guaranteed again!

Crowd reactions

Spectacular scenery! One of the best I’ve ever seen!

L.A., Mexico

Very nice stage setting!

M.L., Mexico

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Worldtour | Mexico & Spain